About ASAM

Voice, Visibility and Value for Trade Contractors, Suppliers and Service Providers.

ASAM opens up opportunities for your company to grow, learn and improve the bottom line.

Be heard.

ASAM builds relationships with elected officials and government agencies to offer members a voice at the local, state and national levels. We make sure you’re aware of issues and legislative decisions that have the potential to impact your business. We are the collective voice of subcontracting in both the public and private sectors.

Find strength in numbers.

Working together, we solve problems, leverage our influence and provide greater visibility, credibility and prestige for our diverse trades. The Subcontractors Legal Defense Fund (SLDF) provides legal support on broad issues important to trade contractors, service providers and suppliers. As a team, we bring positive change to the construction industry

Success through learning.

Monthly ASAM meetings empower your company with information about current developments, issues and practices. Publications and e-newsletters cover the full spectrum of the trade contracting industry, from the latest local news to emerging national trends.

Make connections.

Network with your peers and learn from their experiences and perspectives. Share and benefit from tips and hard-earned wisdom about business practices. Discover new opportunities by conversing with people who know the challenges and rewards of successful trade contracting. Boost your company’s exposure by listing it on the ASAM and ASA websites.

By trade contractors, for trade contractors.

ASAM advises on the following issues:

  • Prompt Pay
  • Retainage
  • Change Orders
  • Liens
  • Contract Language and Negotiations
  • Payment Bonds
  • Design Build
  • Indemnification and Hold Harmless
  • Improved Communication
  • Safety
  • Bidding Processes and Procedures
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Emerging Trends in Construction

American Subcontractors Association of Michigan (ASAM)

ASAM is dedicated to helping trade contractors, suppliers and service providers become more successful through information, education, networking and legislative support.

Members of ASAM are also members of the national American Subcontractors Association (ASA).

Dual membership offers a number of significant benefits to trade contractors and their employees, including representation in Lansing and in our nation’s capital. ASAM has the same functions, goals and values as ASA, and works on behalf of member trade contractors in Michigan.

ASAM is an active, business-oriented organization, with membership that reflects trade contractors of the highest quality. The organization represents trade contractors to general contractors, lawmakers, the media and the public in positive ways that go beyond what any single company or person could do alone, with direct contact and communication.

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