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2015-2016 ASAM Commmittees 

At the ASAM Committee Chair Meeting on June 24 members discussed the current committee structure and identified open seats. While filling these open seats is an immediate priority, there’s a good chance that in the process of finding talent to fill the identified openings, we’ll also find some highly qualified people in unexpected places. On that note, candidates who can add talent, skills or depth to any committee are welcome and will be directed to the appropriate committee chair to identify the right fit.

ASAM is always looking for input from members on any of our committees. If you have thoughts or ideas, please contact the respective committee chair or one of its members. If any of the following committees align with your personal or businesses goals please join in; we appreciate active and involved members … in fact, member support is the primary reason ASAM is so successful.

Following are the current ASAM committees and their members:

Matt Fennema (President)
Steve Alles (Past President) 
Chris Weaver (Vice President)
Jon Lunderberg (Secretary)
Ann Plummer (Treasurer)

Brian Potter (Chairperson)
Randy Wright
Chris Weaver 

Chuck Lane (Chairperson)
Steve Coates 
[Open Seat]

Business Practices Interchange:
Chris Weaver (Chairperson)
Brian Potter
Jeff Moomey

Matt Fennema (Chairperson)
Steve Alles
Dan Hall
Mike Waalkes
Tim Burgess
Ann Plummer
Reagan Marketing 

Chairperson [Open Seat]
Aileen Leipprandt
Mike Powers
Jon Lunderberg
Steve Alles
Jack Austof
Ken Misiewicz

Tim Burgess (Chairperson)
Paul Roussey
Jeff Moomey
Tim Koster
[Two Open Seats]

Executive Recruiting:
Ken Misiewicz (Chairperson)
[Two Open Seats}

Chairperson [Open Seat]
Steve Alles
Brian LaFrenier
Jon Lunderberg
Ben Hammond
Chris Weaver
Jim Bockheim

Reagan Marketing 

If you'd like to be involved, email the ASAM Board. 

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