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The New ASAM Website 

Welcome to the new website. This post will walk you through some of the new features and updates to ASAM's digital presence. 

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Register on the ASAM Website - Member Portal Access 

To register for ASAM Member Portal Access visit this page, unerneath the login information you'll see the phrase "Don't have an account" and enter the information requested. You'll then be sent a confirmation email, follow the link in that email to autheticate your registration. Once that step is made we'll confirm your membership in ASAM and grant access and you'll be able to access the documents and information in the ASAM Membership Portal. 

Updating Your Profile

To ensure ASAM is providing the most relevent information to the membership we're requesting that you update your e-newsletter profile with what topics you're interested in recieiving information about. Please use the link provided in the email sent out on June 4th.

If you need this link resent please email info@asamichigan.net. 

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