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Passing The Baton

If you were at our most recent Business Practice Interchange, you witnessed a passing of the baton. This baton, blue with our ASAM logo imprinted on it, was presented as a literal representation of the figurative transfer of the presidential position from Ken Misiewicz to me. I want to thank Ken for his leadership and service to the organization, and let him know I appreciate how he has, in his own words, “moved the ball down the field.”

As president, Ken has left his impression at ASAM, and I’m excited to continue his marked progress within our industry as the incoming president. Over the most recent few months, Ken led a concerted effort to ensure that ASAM is set up for future success. His efforts, along with the rest of the board, have positioned the organization for continued successes in the near and long-term future.

My goal for this year is the continued growth of the organization. This vision includes: (1) the addition of new members, (2) strengthening or creating new alliances, and (3) increasing the participation of current members in varying capacities. The objective of these efforts is a solidification of ASAM in both breadth and depth within the construction industry.  

Steve Alles
ASAM President

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