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Legislative Update

February 2016 

Leading and Succeeding

Congratulations to the 2015/2016 MCOY Nominees!

2015-2016 ASAM Commmittees 

At the ASAM Committee Chair Meeting on June 24 members discussed the current committee structure and identified open seats. Candidates who can add talent, skills or depth to any committee are welcome and will be directed to the appropriate committee chair to identify the right fit.

Fall 2015 Programming 

The Programming Committee is in the process of rebooting the way they plan the year’s events and meetings. Committee members are currently finalizing the 2015-16 schedule with a focus on doing more with less. 

Reach Deeper Into Membership Talent

ASAM needs the involvement of every talented individual in each of the member companies all pulling in the same direction. We will be encouraging multiple members from each of your organizations regularly in attendance at our functions.

Focus On Reaching New Companies

It’s no secret that the Michigan economy, and, in particular, the West Michigan economy, is in growth mode. Opportunities abound for the subcontracting community to continue growing as well. 

Focus On Building Our Alliances

As our industry grows, the need for industry collaboration becomes increasingly more important. 

Passing The Baton

A letter from Steve Alles, ASAM's new President, describing his experience of recieving the ASAM Presidential Baton.

The New ASAM Website 

Welcome to the new website. This post will walk you through some of the new features and updates to ASAM's digital presence. 

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April 2015: President's Corner

Member feedback to result in significant changes.


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