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Programming Overview

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The ASAM Program Committee develops session content for a variety of annual events. Through the selection of programs and recruitment of sessions and speakers, the Committee helps ensure that the meeting program/schedule is representative of the breadth and depth of work underway across our member community.

Business Practice Interchange (BPI)

BPI is a twice-yearly event offering ASAM members the opportunity to come together and discuss contract language, lien process and many other critical topics. These sessions are closed door and completely private, so members can have candid conversations about their experiences with clients and others.

Construction Advancement Forums (CAF)

CAFs invite a local general contractor to speak and share with ASAM members. The contractor typically introduces new practices, discusses industry processes and provides insight on creating stronger working relationships.

General Member Meetings

These regularly scheduled meetings, open to the entire membership and guests, cover timely topics and general-interest issues such as changes in the local economy, recruitment tips, safety standards, HR best practices and more.

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