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As an ASAM member, you will recognize and realize the value of your membership and our dedication to increasing the success of your business. We know your priorities, including prompt payment, contract negotiations, change orders, retainage and indemnification. We make these issues the focus of our work.

Join ASAM and receive the full benefits of both local and national membership in the American Subcontractors Association. Your company’s membership allows all of your employees to fully participate in our activities and to receive all of the valuable information provided from the local and national level.

ASAM is working hard to help members communicate effectively and collectively. Through our member meetings, educational opportunities, Business Practice Interchange (BPI) sessions, and involvement in legislation, ASAM promotes and protects the interests of subcontractors, service providers and suppliers throughout Michigan.

Please email us at for any general membership questions or a board member if you have a specific question.

Dues questions:
Ann Plummer –
Phone: (616) 235-5200

Membership Dues

Subcontractor Annual Dues

Annual Revenues < $2 million: $700
Annual Revenues between $2 million and $10 million: $1,200
Annual Revenues between $10 million and $20 million: $1,925
Annual Revenues > $20 million: $2,420

Service Providers and Suppliers


*This category includes companies such as: Insurance, Surety, Financial Services, Law Firms, Construction Material Suppliers, CPA’s, Banks, Construction Equipment Rental and Sales (members in this category also receive Bronze Level sponsorship benefits).

Member companies are also encouraged to consider being an ASAM sponsor for the additional exposure and benefits that sponsorship provides. 

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