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April 2015: ASAM Education Committee Update 

ASAM is pleased to welcome Randy Wright (Feyen Zylstra) and Chris Weaver (Andy J. Egan Co.) to your Education Committee. Please join me in thanking Randy and Chris for their willingness to serve the subcontracting community in this manner.

On June 18, our BPI meeting (Business Practice Interchange) will feature a discussion of contract language. Look for the save-the-date postcard coming soon, then join us at Stonewater Country Club. The topic will be Prime Contracts: What Our Customers are Signing, Indemnification, and Payment Terms.

The plan is to continue discussing contract language at BPI meetings throughout the year. The Education Committee will begin to gather information from our customers (GCs, CMs, and owners) on what characteristics they look for in their "preferred" subcontractors. We will attempt to prepare a list of those characteristics and share with the membership. Hopefully, we will not be surprised, but you never know unless you ask! (Or is it, "Careful what you ask for"? We will see.) Stay tuned for more on that!

Brian Potter
Architectural Metals Inc.

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