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November 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Download a PDF of the meeting minutes.

MiBiz: Building a Stronger West Michigan Construction Industry

The American Subcontractors Association of Michigan (ASAM) is dedicated to providing services and benefits that help trade contractors, suppliers and service providers become more successful. Through member meetings and networking, ASAM provides educational opportunities, valuable information and Business Practice Interchange (BPI) sessions for trade contractors throughout Michigan. As beneficiaries of ASAM’s decade-long groundwork, our organization continues to advance the positive working culture our chapter has created and is a key vehicle for elevating our trade-contractor standing within the environments we work and the communities we serve.

Fall 2020 ASAM Newsletter

In this issue:

  • President’s Corner: Resilience amid Uncertainty
  • Championing ASAM Nationally
  • Membership Committee Update
  • ASAM Safety Committee Update — Fall 2020
  • CWDA Rally 2021 Update: Tentatively Moving Forward

October 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Download a PDF of the meeting minutes.

Updated COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Preparedness and Response Plan

The Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) has released an updated COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Preparedness and Response Plan which was shared with you in March.

Wednesday, November 8th • 3 – 5 pm

Michigan COVID-19 Safety Grant Program

 With employers across the state working to keep their employees, customers and communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Michigan has launched Michigan COVID-19 Safety Grant Program. These grants will provide small businesses matching funds of up to $10,000 to decrease the risk of COVID-19 spread through safety and health-related equipment purchased and training in response to COVID-19.

Summer 2020 ASAM Newsletter

In this issue:

  • President’s Corner: Relationship Driven and Focused
  • 2020-2021 Officers Announced
  • Safety Committee Update
  • Membership Committee Update
  • Outgoing President’s Corner: Beyond Thankful for Board Members, ASAM Culture
  • 2020 MCOY Awards Postponed Due to COVID Pandemic

June 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Download a PDF of the meeting minutes.

May 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Download a PDF of the meeting minutes.

COVID-19 Information Center


ASA Members,

During this time of extraordinary pressure on your businesses, don't forget that you have a robust library of resources at your fingertips! The ASA InfoHub is the place to find documents for best practices, language on legal issues, and much, much more. 

Once in the InfoHub, choose the Resources section to find everything that is available to you. The leadership at ASA is committed to keeping our members informed on any updates at the federal level, as well as provided with the knowledge and tools you need to protect your businesses.

In the midst of our nation's battle with COVID-19, several new documents have recently been added to the InfoHub for you to use, including: the ASA Coronavirus Employer Guide, as well as the ASA Coronavirus Employer Guide.

In addition, we added COVID-19: Language for Subcontractors to Explore Legal Issues. This document has been prepared by ASA Vice President-Elect Brian Carroll, ASA Attorney Council Chair Bethany Beck, and Allen Wilson. All of whom work at Sanderford and Carroll, PC. Members are cautioned that these documents are not meant to be specific or general legal advice, and are encouraged to contact their chapter attorney or personal attorney to discuss the specific impacts to your company.

To access these MEMBERS ONLY documents, please visit the Resources section of the InfoHub and choose "Member Benefits/ASAdvantage" from the drop-down menu.

Working hard for all of our members,
ASA National


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