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Internal Company Voting Tool, (COMING SOON)

ASAM Member Eligibility (for nominations and voting)

  • Must be a "trade contractor" or “supplier” member of the association.
    - Members as of June 30, 2022, are eligible.
    - New members as of nomination/voting date are eligible.
  • Service providers, although members, are not eligible to nominate or to vote.
  • Chapter sponsors, since not members, are not eligible to nominate or to vote.


  • Eligible voting members are expected to nominate General Contractors or Construction Manager candidate companies that they have experience in working within the last year.
  • Each nominee must receive a minimum of 3 votes to qualify as a nominated company.
  • After initial tallies are counted, the top 8 nominated companies will be included in voting for the award.
  • In the case of a tie for the last nominated position, the MCOY Awards Committee will have the authority to either increase the top 8 nominations to include all companies tied or to exclude all companies tied from the total nomination pool.
  • If acronyms or different name variations are used for a nominated company, a Beene Garter representative will combine the nominating votes for that company.
  • Each ASAM qualified subcontractor member will be allowed up to three nominations each.
  • All nominations will be conducted electronically through ASAM's subscription to Alchemer.
  • Each ASAM member company will be emailed a specialized link for nominations from Beene Garter LLP.

Voting Criteria

Administrative Procedures - Clearly defines administrative procedures at the time of contract issue. Provides a contract and replies to RFI's, bulletin quotes, and other change correspondence in a timely manner, and requires all trade contractors to do the same. Does not expect the trade contractor to take unnecessary risks or make assumptions that may later prove false.

Bid Ethics & Practice - Follows and ensures the integrity of the bid process for both publicly and privately bid projects. Ensures consistency as it relates to the scope of work, plans, specifications, and contracts, and provides sufficient time to react to changes noted in addenda, RFI's, and other communications. Does not knowingly push undue risk onto trade contractors. Respects confidentiality of trade contractor quotes and follows fair post-bid procedures by not engaging in bid shopping.

Communication - Questions and concerns are dealt with in a timely manner so as to keep the project moving forward. Regularly communicates candidly, openly, and professionally, shares successes and challenges to all of those involved in the project. 

Payment Terms - Clearly outlines and communicates contract payment terms & requirements. Proactively communicates any payment delays. Recognizes the importance of cash flow to the trade contractors on the project. As project progresses, releases retainage in a timely fashion. Fights for reasonable trade contractor payment terms and holds owners accountable.

Project Onsite Supervision - An experienced supervisor who understands effective workflow. Creates a team approach with trade contractors. Limits delays and wasteful sequencing, stacking, and acceleration. Takes the lead in dealing with site challenges, professionally and in a timely manner, and treats individuals with respect and dignity. Provides sufficient supervisory manpower to meet project needs.

Project Relationships & Collaboration - Establishes a spirit of teamwork in the office and in the field. Handles all team members' concerns and input in a cooperative, reasonable manner. Sets the tone on the job for all to work together for the good of the project. Manages the owners’ expectations and works to ensure that all trade contractors involved maintain a positive reputation. Executes and promotes collaborative problem-solving techniques.

Quality Workmanship - Establishes applicable standards for quality of work that meet or exceed the industry standards. Utilizes these quality standards as the measuring stick for workmanship quality. Develops work plans which promote quality workmanship. Engages all contractors in the exploration of best practices and innovative solutions as it relates to the construction process. 

Safety - Leads the way in creating a safe job site by ensuring each site is clean, neat, organized and routinely inspected. Provides written standards as it relates to job site safety, creates a job environment that encourages safety education, proactive site-specific safety planning, and holds all of those involved on a project accountable to follow these standards.

Schedule Coordination - Builds collaborative, realistic, and dependable schedules. Consistently updates and communicates revised schedules with all trade contractors. Understands project flow, trade contractor task durations, and proactively solves road blocks. Effectively sequences the work and holds everyone accountable to meet the project schedule.


  • All voting will be conducted electronically through ASAM's subscription to Alchemer.
  • Eligible voting members are expected to vote for only the nominee companies that they have experience in working with in the last year to avoid skewing voting results. If a voting member does not have experience in working with the nominee in the last year, they are welcome to leave a general comment about the nominee.
  • Each nominee must receive a minimum of 35% of the total completed votes from ASAM members to qualify for the award.
  • Each nominee will be evaluated based on the "MCOY Award voting criteria" for 9 categories. For a vote to count for a nominee, a minimum of 7 of the 9 categories must receive scores (only 2 N/As allowed per nominee).
  • Each category is weighted equally in the total average score calculation. 
  • In voting/scoring for a nominee, if an ASAM member does not have any experience in evaluating a particular nominee, an "N/A" score will be allowed in each of the 9 voting categories. The vote will not be included in calculating the total average score calculation and it will not be included toward the overall minimum of 35% of the total completed votes.
  • In voting/scoring for a particular category (i.e. Safety) if the ASAM member does not have any experience with the nominee for that category, an "N/A" score will not be included in calculating the total average score calculation. Again, for a vote to count for a nominee, a minimum of 7 of the 9 categories must receive scores (only 2 N/As allowed per nominee). The average will be calculated based on the total score divided by the number of categories.
    - Example – five categories received “Some effort” worth 5 points each, 25 points; two categories received “No effort” worth 2 points each, 4 points; two categories received “Shows it” worth 6 points each, 12 points. Total points would equal 41. The total average for this nominee’s vote would be 4.5556 (41/9).
  • Each ASAM member company may only vote once. The primary member from each member company has the responsibility of conducting their internal company evaluation of nominees and electronically entering their scores on behalf of their company.
  • Each ASAM member company will be emailed a specialized link for voting from Beene Garter.

Scoring and Calculation of Total Average Score to Determine Winners

  • Scoring values to compute total average score calculations: (Members have the ability to score in a range from 1 to 10 by tenths, N/A box available)

    - N/A – select the checkbox labeled Not Applicable under the corresponding slider, not included in total
    - No effort – range from 1 to 2
    - Some effort – range from 3 to 5
    - Shows it – range from 6 to 8
    - Lives it – range from 9 to 10
  • Scoring for each category question will be required by selecting the score for each nominee before the electronic voting will be submitted and accepted.
  • Determination of the award winners (meeting the minimum number of total votes – 35%)
    - The overall winner will have the highest total average score.
    - Consolation awards will be awarded to the nominees with the second and third highest total average score.
    - The remaining seven nominated companies will be recognized at the event and in the MiBiz publications associated with the event.
    - In case of a tie for first, second, or third place, the winners will be decided based on the total average category scores, starting with the first category (ethics), and going down the category list in order until the tie is broken.
  • Beene Garter LLP will be responsible for monitoring the MCOY award nomination, the voting process, and will be tabulating the final average scores to determine the award winners. Eric Larson, Partner with Beene Garter LLP, will be the sole partner responsible for overseeing the MCOY award process. The winners will be kept in secret until they are read at the MCOY award event on August 26, 2021. Beene Garter’s construction and real estate group (partners or professional staff) will not be involved in the award calculation process to determine the winners.
  • All information gathered (nominations, voting, voting results, final average score calculations) will remain confidential between the nominee, Beene Garter LLP, and the MCOY Committee Chairs. This information will not be published or shared with any parties by ASAM or the nominee.
  • After the MCOY Award event on August 26, 2021, the nominee will receive a confidential letter providing the voting average for their company and the average score for all of the nominees. These letters will be confidentially mailed from Eric Larson, Partner with Beene Garter LLP to each nominee. All nominee information gathered (voting, voting results, score calculations) will remain confidential with the nominee, Beene Garter LLP, and the ASAM board. No member of the American Subcontractors Association, locally or nationally, or other nominees will be privileged with this information now or in the future.

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